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Currently based in
Bangalore, India

Theatre and I go a long way back. When I was little, my parents decided my energy was best used up in dance classes and school plays. When I was 10 I picked up a guitar and realized being on stage was pretty fun. When I was 16 I learned how to hang a fresnel on a tripod stand and realized that being back stage was pretty cool too.


All these years later I keep finding reasons to fall in love with the performing arts. Luckily for me that love has taken me to theatres across the world doing jobs I absolutely adore.

Let's make some art together. Get in touch.


( 01 )

Stage Management

August - October 2019

Spun by Rabiah Hussain

Silk Road Institute

Centaur Theatre (Montreal), Meridian Arts Centre (Toronto)

Directed by Mercedeh Baroque

Written by Rabiah Hussain

Performed by Amena Ahmad and Sundance Nagrial

Technical Direction by Michael Tonus

Set Design by Michael Tonus

Costume Design by Swati Khanna

Lighting Design by Timothy Rodrigues

Sound Design by Rehan Lalani

May - June 2019

Eva in Rio by Gabe Maharjan

Playground Productions

Montreal, Arts Interculturels (Montreal)

Directed by Michelle Rambharose

Written by Gabe Maharjan

Performed by Gabe Maharjan and Dakota Jamal Wellman

Production Management by Nikita Bala

Set Design by Nalo Soyini Bruce

Costume Design by Nalo Soyini Bruce

Sound Design by Evan Stepanian

Lighting Design by Nikita Bala

March - May 2019

Reaching for Starlight by Donna-Michelle St Bernard

Geordie Theatre

D.B. Clarke Theatre (Montreal)

Directed by Mike Payette

Written by Donna-Michelle St Bernard

Choreography by Veronique Gaudreau

Dramaturgy by Emma Tibaldo

Set and Costume Design by Cathia Pagotto

Lighting Design by Timothy Rodrigues

Sound Design by Rob Denton

Stage Management by Danielle Skene

Production Management by Amy-Susie Bradford

Technical Direction by Holly Hilts

Assistant Direction by Shanti Gonzales

Assistant Design by Nalo Soyini Bruce, Marianne Lavoie, and Sarah Mauracher

Performed by Bria McLaughlin, Warona Setshwaelo, Curtis Legault, Keren Roberts, Sarah Segal-Lazar, Jenna Wheeler-Hughes, Jane Wheeler, Shawn Campbell, Anana Rydvald, Dakota Jamal Wellman, Samantha Bitonti, and Genevieve Smith-Courtois


( 02 )

Production Management

September 2018 - November 2019

A User's Guide to 'Authenticity is a Feeling' by Jacob Wren


La Chapelle Scenes Contemporains (Montreal), Inkonst (Malmo), FFT-Juta (Dusseldorf), Lokal (Reykjyavik)

Written and performed by Jacob Wren

Costume Design by Claudia Fancello

Lighting Design by Paul Chambers

January - February 2019


Tableau D'Hote Theatre

D.B. Clarke Theatre (Montreal)

Creative Team: Rob Denton, Elena Stoodley, Audrey-Anne Bouchard, Sophie El Assaad, Noemi Poulin, Jaclyn Turner, Nalo Soyini Bruce, Pamela Warden, Tamara Brown, Shanti Gonzales, Rodney Diverlus, Kate Hagemeyer, Kate Stockburger, Martin Nishikawa, Lydie Dubuisson, Marie Barlizo, Diane Roberts

Performed by: Lucinda Davis, Kym Dominique-Ferguson, Briauna James, Gita Miller, Michelle Rambharose, Sophie-Therese Stone Richards, Shauna Thompson, Dakota Jamal Wellman, Maryline Chery, Marie Hall, Justin Johnson, Jahlani Knorren

May 2018

Night Cows by Jovette Marchessault

Mooncow Productions

Montreal, Arts Interculturels (Montreal)

Directed by Katey Wattam

Lighting Design by Hannah Kirby

Set Design by Anna Jane McIntyre

Dramaturgy by Rosie Long Dector

Costume design by Lauren Laframboise

Stage Management by Yuan Kelly

Live Sound by Rosie Long Dector, Micah Flavin, Easton Skara

Performed by Eleonore Lamothe


( 03 )

Other Technical Work

Festival Work

Just for Laughs Festival 2019

Stage and Venue Manager, Le P'tit Impro

Festival TransAmeriques 2019

Stage Technician, St Jax Montreal

Just for Laughs Festival 2018

Stage and Venue Manager, Le P'tit Impro

Talent Runner, Club Soda

St Ambroise Montreal Fringe Festival 2018

Roving Venue Technician

Just for Laughs Festival 2017

Assistant Stage Manager (TV), Club Soda

Talent Runner, Club Soda

Lighting Design

Eva in Rio by Gabe Maharjan

Montreal, Arts Interculturels

Elle Barbara's Black Space Mission

Montreal, Arts Interculturels

Phenomenal 5ive by Kym-Dominique Ferguson

Montreal, Arts Interculturels

Stage Technician

Moyse Hall (McGill University)

D.B. Clarke Theatre (Concordia University)

Segal Centre for Performing Arts


( 04 )

Education & Awards


Montreal English Theatre Award

Outstanding Emerging Artist - Production

2017 - 2018

Artist Mentorship Program

Black Theatre Workshop

Stage Management

Mentor: Danielle Skene

2014 - 2017

McGill University

Bachelor of Arts

Major: English - Drama & Theatre

Minor: Linguistics, Philosophy

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